The Twenty-First Century Fingerprint: Previewing Maryland v. King

26 Apr 2013 12:00am Keagan D. Buchanan 

Current CLR member Keagan D. Buchanan previews the Supreme Court's upcoming decision in Maryland v. King, which will decide whether Maryland's expansion of its DNA collection and analysis procedures to felony arrestees is constitutional.

This note is one of seven written by California Law Review members for Circuit's first annual Case Note Review.    

Race, Descent, and Tribal Citizenship

16 Apr 2013 02:09pm Bethany R. Berger 

This piece expands upon the author's comments at the Henderson Center's Fall 2012 Symposium, "Heeding Frickey's Call: Doing Justice in Indian Country."

Connecticut School of Law Professor Bethany R. Berger looks at the relationship between descent-based tribal citizenship requirements and race or racism. She argues that tribal citizenship laws that require Indian or tribal descent are generally neither the product nor the source of racism in federal Indian law and policy, and instead are moral, legal, and consistent with federal and international norms.    

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