Right Problem; Wrong Solution

14 Aug 2010 12:00am Joseph L. Hoffmann and Nancy J. King 

Professionalism and Power: Flawed Decision Making by the OLC Exposes a Bar That is Losing Its Moxie

25 May 2010 11:56am Joseph Lavitt 

Self-Represented Litigants in Family Law: The Response of California’s Courts

10 Feb 2010 12:27pm Bonnie Hough 

There is “a unity of interest between the courts and the public with respect to assistance for self-represented litigants. Lack of legal assistance is clearly an enormous barrier for the public." In response to this critical situation, the Task Force has developed a comprehensive statewide plan which recommends a full menu of approaches to meeting the needs of the public and the courts.

Remarks of Jeff Bleich at the First Annual Conference on the California Supreme Court

20 Jan 2010 03:16am Hon. Jeff Bleich 

I believe there are two areas where reform would improve the quality of advocacy by the California Supreme Court Bar. First, California would benefit from developing a team of advocates within its Solicitor General's office to routinely represent the State before the California Supreme Court. Second, California law schools should consider developing a clinic dedicated to helping identify good cases for state supreme court review and ensuring those cases are well presented.

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