Professionalism and Power: Flawed Decision Making by the OLC Exposes a Bar That is Losing Its Moxie

25 May 2010 11:56am Joseph Lavitt 

Self-Represented Litigants in Family Law: The Response of California’s Courts

10 Feb 2010 12:27pm Bonnie Hough 

Remarks of Jeff Bleich at the First Annual Conference on the California Supreme Court

20 Jan 2010 03:16am Hon. Jeff Bleich 

I believe there are two areas where reform would improve the quality of advocacy by the California Supreme Court Bar. First, California would benefit from developing a team of advocates within its Solicitor General's office to routinely represent the State before the California Supreme Court. Second, California law schools should consider developing a clinic dedicated to helping identify good cases for state supreme court review and ensuring those cases are well presented.

The Preventive Dilemma: A Reply to David Cole

20 Jan 2010 01:48am Robert Chesney 

Cole's desire to reconcile enhanced protections for civil liberties with both the short- and long-term interests of security is laudable. Whether his particular prescriptions are desirable, however, is another matter.

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