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last updated 9/16/2014

The California Law Review is no longer accepting submissions for the Fall 2014 cycle.

What do we publish?

Essays: Essays typically start new conversations, rather than entering existing ones; they often employ methodologies atypical for a law review article. There is no solid line dividing essay from article. However, when evaluating pieces for publication, Book Reviews & Essays (BR&E) looks for work that methodologically, stylistically, or topically diverges from more familiar modes of legal scholarship. We are especially interested in pieces that live up to the word "essay" in its literal sense: to try, to weigh, to experiment, to test. Essays may be playful; they may elaborate visions of worlds quite different from our own; they may be lyrical in tone or narrative in structure; they may use techniques from other disciplines such as literary theory, journalism, history, or linguistics; they may pose many questions none of which have clear answers; they may do several of these things or none at all. The only thing they must do is make us think.

Book Reviews: Book reviews provide scholars with an opportunity to advance the conversation in their discipline by anchoring their commentary in a substantial work by a different author. CLR looks for book reviews that place an author's original research in conversation with existing works.

Submission Information

We strongly prefer to accept submissions through Scholastica. We will also accept submissions via email, and where online submission is not possible, via mail.

Scholastica: To ensure that your submission is reviewed by the appropriate departments, please clearly mark your submission as a Book Review, Essay, or Review Essay (as appropriate). We recommend prefacing your title with the appropriate term, for example, "ESSAY: [Your Title: Your Subtitle]." 

E-mail: Please e-mail your submission to the Volume 103 Senior BR&E Editor Talia Nissimyan.

If online submission is not possible, paper submissions that conform to the submission guidelines below may be mailed to the following address:

Book Reviews & Essays Department
California Law Review
40 Boalt Hall
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

Submission Guidelines

(1) Submissions should be 25,000 words or less (including footnotes). We may consider submissions of up to 35,000 words.  

(2) Both text and notes should be double-spaced and set in a proportional, serif font (like Times New Roman) sized to at least 12 points.

(3) Citations must conform to the 19th edition of The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation.

(4) Please include the following contact information with your submission:

  • Name
  • Mailing Address
  • Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • Author's CV

If you have any questions about BR&E, please contact Senior BR&E Editor Talia Nissimyan.

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