California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
February 2009, Vol. 97, No. 1

A Structural Vision of Habeas Corpus

07 Apr 2010 03:16pm Eve Brensike Primus 

The Federal Courts as a Franchise: Rethinking the Justifications for Federal Question Jurisdiction

02 Feb 2009 02:24pm Gil Seinfeld 

Should Greenhouse Gas Permits Be Allocated on a Per Capita Basis?

02 Feb 2009 02:20pm Eric A. Posner, Cass R. Sunstein 

An Estoppel Doctrine for Patented Standards

Robert P. Merges, Jeffrey M. Kuhn 

Enterprise Liability: Reviewing and Revitalizing Liability for Corporate Groups

02 Feb 2009 02:32pm Meredith Dearborn 

No Way Out: An Analysis of Exit Processes for Gang Injunctions

02 Feb 2009 02:27pm Lindsay Crawford 

Against Moral Rights

02 Feb 2009 02:33pm Amy M. Adler 

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