California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
June 2009, Vol. 97, No. 3

Ideology and Exceptionalism in Intellectual Property: An Empirical Study

09 Jun 2009 05:51pm Matthew Sag, Tonja Jacobi & Maxim Sytch 

A Tale of Two Lochners: The Untold History of Substantive Due Process and the Idea of Fundamental Rights

09 Jun 2009 05:49pm Victoria F. Nourse 

Out of the Shadows: Preventive Detention, Suspected Terrorists, and War

09 Jun 2009 05:48pm David Cole 

Yellow by Law

09 Jun 2009 05:46pm Devon W. Carbado 

Lessons from Punjab's "Missing Girls": Toward a Global Feminist Perspective on "Choice" in Abortion

09 Jun 2009 06:03pm Mallika Kaur Sarkaria 

Disaster in the Amazon: Dodging "Boomerang Suits" in Transnational Human Rights Litigation

09 Jun 2009 05:55pm Cortelyou Kenney 

Rational Ignorance, Rational Closed-Mindedness, and Modern Economic Formalism in Contract Law

09 Jun 2009 06:06pm Shawn J. Bayern 

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