California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
December 2009, Vol. 97, No. 6

Libertarian Welfarism

09 Feb 2010 08:39pm Russell Korobkin 

Harmonization and Its Discontents: A Case Study of TRIPS Implementation in India's Pharmaceutical Sector

09 Feb 2010 08:36pm Amy Kapczynski 

Criminal Lying, Prosecutorial Power, and Social Meaning

09 Feb 2010 08:31pm Lisa Kern Griffin 

Should Crime Pay?: A Critical Assessment of the Mandatory Victims Restitution Act of 1996

08 Feb 2010 08:53pm Matthew Dickman 

Transgender Legal Advocacy: What Do Feminist Legal Theories Have to Offer?

07 Feb 2010 10:47pm Demoya R. Gordon 

Judicial Opinions as Public Rhetoric

16 Feb 2010 09:07pm Erwin Chemerinsky 

The Marriage Cases—Reversing the Burden of Inertia in a Pluralist Constitutional Democracy

15 Feb 2010 09:11pm William N. Eskridge 

Achieving Impartiality in State Courts

15 Feb 2010 09:10pm Chief Justice Ronald M. George 

North Coast Women’s Care: California’s Still-Undefined Standard for Protecting Religious Freedom

15 Feb 2010 09:06pm Sumeet Ajmani 

In re Bay-Delta: CEQA Decision Adds Certainty to Water Planning

15 Feb 2010 09:05pm Jeremy Brown 

In re Lawrence: Preserving the Possibility of Parole for California Prisoners

15 Feb 2010 09:02pm Joey Hipolito 

Silicon Valley Taxpayers Association: Local Voters, State Propositions, and the Fate of Property Assessments

15 Feb 2010 09:01pm Michael J. McCarthy 

Rico v. Mitsubishi: The Inadvertent Disclosure of California's Flawed Work Product Doctrine

15 Feb 2010 09:00pm Mark Rumold 

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