California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
August 2010, Vol. 98, No. 4

A Final Toast to My Network

21 Oct 2010 10:15am Philip P. Frickey 

Introduction: "Practical Reason" and the Scholarship of Philip P. Frickey

21 Oct 2010 10:14am Daniel A. Farber 

Indian Water Rights, Practical Reasoning, and Negotiated Settlements

21 Oct 2010 10:13am Robert T. Anderson 

Reconciling Equal Protection and Federal Indian Law

21 Oct 2010 10:12am Bethany R. Berger 

Canon Shortfalls and the Virtues of Political Branch Interpretive Assets

21 Oct 2010 10:11am James J. Brudney 

The California Proposition 8 Case: What Is a Constitution For?

21 Oct 2010 10:10am William N. Eskridge, Jr. 

The Last Indian Raid in Kansas: Context, Colonialism, and Philip P. Frickey‘s Contributions to American Indian Law

21 Oct 2010 10:09am Sarah Krakoff 

Second-Generation Textualism

21 Oct 2010 10:08am John F. Manning 

Theorizing Disagreement: Reconceiving the Relationship Between Law and Politics

21 Oct 2010 10:07am Robert Post 

Legislation that Isn‘t—Attending to Rulemaking‘s "Democracy Deficit"

21 Oct 2010 10:05am Peter L. Strauss 

The Continuity of Statutory and Constitutional Interpretation: An Essay for Phil Frickey

21 Oct 2010 10:04am Ernest A. Young 

Full Faith and Credit in Cross-Jurisdictional Recognition of Tribal Court Decisions Revisited

21 Oct 2010 10:49am Craig Smith 

Philip Frickey: An Annotated Bibliography

21 Oct 2010 10:51am Leah C. Granger and Dean C. Rowan 

Festschrift for Phil Frickey: A Poem

21 Oct 2010 10:15am Frank Pommersheim 

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