California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
April 2011, Vol. 99, No. 2

Why the Center Does Not Hold: The Causes of Hyperpolarized Democracy in America

14 Jun 2011 07:04pm Richard H. Pildes 

Debating the Causes of Party Polarization in America

13 Jun 2011 10:19pm Paul Frymer 

What Pildes Missed: The Framers, the True Impact of the Voting Rights Act, and the Far Right

13 Jun 2011 07:12pm David M. Kennedy 

Moderation and Coherence in American Democracy

13 Jun 2011 07:09pm Michael W. McConnell 

The Limits of Electoral and Legislative Reform in Addressing Polarization

13 Jun 2011 07:00pm Nolan M. McCarty 

The Rise and Fall of the Implied Warranty of Habitability

13 Jun 2011 10:11pm David A. Super 

Reassessing the Role of the National Research Council: Peer Review, Political Tool, or Science Court?

13 Jun 2011 10:15pm Ian Fein 

Maintaining Healthy Laboratories of Experimentation: Federalism, Health Care Reform, and ERISA

12 Jun 2011 06:58pm Michael Serota & Michelle Singer 

Beyond Experience: Getting Retributive Justice Right

13 Jun 2011 10:17pm Dan Markel, Chad Flanders, David Gray 

The Persistent Cultural Script of Judicial Dispassion

13 Jun 2011 07:06pm Terry A. Maroney 

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