California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
December 2011, Vol. 99, No. 6

Hybridizing Jurisdiction

07 Jan 2012 03:55pm Scott Dodson 

Emotional Regulation and Judicial Behavior

07 Jan 2012 03:54pm Terry A. Maroney 

Climate Regulation and the Limits of Cost-Benefit Analysis

07 Jan 2012 03:51pm Jonathan S. Masur & Eric A. Posner 

Debt Collection in the Information Age: New Technologies and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act

07 Jan 2012 04:14pm Colin Hector 

Moving the Virtual Border to the Cellular Level: Mandatory DNA Testing and the U.S. Refugee Family Reunification Program

07 Jan 2012 04:13pm Emily Holland 


07 Jan 2012 04:16pm Mitchell N. Berman 

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