California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
February 2012, Vol. 100, No. 1

Marriage Fraud

02 Feb 2012 02:30pm Kerry Abrams 

Why Party Democrats Need Popular Democracy and Popular Democrats Need Parties

02 Feb 2012 02:25pm Ethan J. Leib & Christopher S. Elmendorf 

Rules, Principles, and the Competition to Enforce the Securities Laws

02 Feb 2012 02:20pm James J. Park 

The Uneven Bulwark: How (and Why) Criminal Jury Trial Rates Vary by State

02 Feb 2012 02:30pm T. Ward Frampton 

Drinking Water and Exclusion: A Case Study from California’s Central Valley

02 Feb 2012 02:29pm Camille Pannu 

“The Birth of Death”: Stillborn Birth Certificates and the Problem for Law

02 Feb 2012 02:32pm Carol Sanger 

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