California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
June 2012, Vol. 100, No. 3

The Rise and Fall of Judicial Self-Restraint

10 Jun 2012 09:50pm Richard A. Posner 

Was There Ever Such a Thing as Judicial Self-Restraint

10 Jun 2012 09:48pm Lee Epstein & William M. Landes 

When Was Judicial Self-Restraint

10 Jun 2012 09:46pm Aziz Z. Huq 

The Transformation of Judicial Self-Restraint

10 Jun 2012 09:44pm Pamela S. Karlan 

Judicial Supremacy and the End of Judicial Restraint

10 Jun 2012 09:42pm Larry D. Kramer 

Information Lost and Found

10 Jun 2012 09:40pm Frederic M. Bloom 

Anticipating and Reducing the Unfairness of Monsanto’s Inadvertent Infringement Lawsuits: A Proposal to Import Copyright Law’s Notice-and-Takedown Regime into the Seed Patent Context

10 Jun 2012 09:39pm Michelle Ma 

Birth Control Sabotage as Domestic Violence: A Legal Response

10 Jun 2012 09:37pm Shane M. Trawick 

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