California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
December 2012, Vol. 100, No. 6

Transcending the Tacit Dimension: Patents, Relationships, and Organizational Integration in Technology Transfer

04 Dec 2012 02:56pm Peter Lee 

Crimes, Widgets, and Plea Bargaining: An Analysis of Charge Content, Pleas, and Trials

04 Dec 2012 02:55pm Kyle Graham 

Bivens’s Revisions: Constitutional Torts After Minneci v. Pollard

04 Dec 2012 02:59pm T. Ward Frampton 

When to Hold, When to Fold, and When to Reshuffle: The Art of Decisionmaking on a Multi-Member Court

04 Dec 2012 03:05pm Diane P. Wood 

Dissent, “Dissentals,” and Decision Making

04 Dec 2012 03:04pm Marsha S. Berzon 

The Academic Study of Decision Making on Multimember Courts

04 Dec 2012 03:03pm Kevin M. Quinn 

Rape Trauma, the State, and the Art of Tracey Emin

04 Dec 2012 02:58pm Yxta Maya Murray 

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