California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
February 2013, Vol. 101, No. 1

The Case for Online Obscurity

20 Feb 2013 02:31pm Woodrow Hartzog & Frederic Stutzman 

The Borat Problem in Negotiation: Fraud, Assent, and the Behavioral Law and Economics of Standard Form Contracts

20 Feb 2013 01:38pm Russell Korobkin 

Pirates vs. Private Security: Commercial Shipping, the Montreux Document, and the Battle for the Gulf of Aden

20 Feb 2013 01:43pm Joel Christopher Coito 

Reining in Lincoln’s Law: A Call to Limit the Implied Certification Theory of Liability Under the False Claims Act

20 Feb 2013 01:42pm Christopher L. Martin, Jr. 

The Ambition and Transformative Potential of Progressive Property

20 Feb 2013 01:50pm Ezra Rosser 

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