California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
December 2013, Vol. 101, No. 6

Beyond Uniqueness: Reimagining Tribal Courts’ Jurisdiction

14 Dec 2013 02:07pm Katherine Florey 

Democracy and Renewed Distrust: Equal Protection and the Evolving Judicial Conception of Politics

14 Dec 2013 02:03pm Bertrall L. Ross II 

Clearinghouse Overconfidence

14 Dec 2013 01:58pm Mark J. Roe 

“Unless and Until It Proves To Be Necessary”: Applying Water Interest To Prevent Unjust Enrichment in Interstate Water Disputes

14 Dec 2013 02:14pm Chad O. Dorr 

Gandhi and Copyright Pragmatism

14 Dec 2013 02:11pm Shyamkrishna Balganesh 

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