California Law Review: CURRENT ISSUE
February 2014, Vol. 102, No. 1

What an Originalist Would Understand “Corruption” to Mean

05 Mar 2014 10:02pm Lawrence Lessig 

Corruption Temptation

05 Mar 2014 09:59pm Guy-Uriel E. Charles 

Is “Dependence Corruption” the Solution to America’s Campaign Finance Problems?

05 Mar 2014 09:58pm Bruce E. Cain 

A Reply to Professors Cain and Charles

05 Mar 2014 09:56pm Lawrence Lessig 

Using Fee Shifting to Promote Fair Use and Fair Licensing

05 Mar 2014 09:51pm Peter S. Menell & Ben Depoorter 

Before Marriage: The Unexplored History of Nonmarital Recognition and Its Relationship to Marriage

05 Mar 2014 09:49pm Douglas NeJaime 

Recruiting Terrorism Informants: The Problems with Immigration Incentives and the S-6 Visa

05 Mar 2014 10:11pm Emily Stabile 

Indigenous Peoples and the Jurisgenerative Moment in Human Rights

05 Mar 2014 09:44pm Kristen A. Carpenter & Angela R. Riley 

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