Incorporating Literary Methods and Texts in the Teaching of Tort Law

Zahr K. Said “¢ 17 Feb 2012 This piece was written for a program held by the American Association of Law Schools Section on Law and Humanities, “Excavating and Integrating Law and Humanities in the Core Curriculum,” on January 5, 2012.Tort law is frequently taught in terms of economic concepts: efficiency, capture, cost distribution, risk […]

Sexual Epistemology and Bisexual Exclusion: A Response to Russell Robinson’s “Masculinity as Prison: Race, Sexual Identity, and Incarceration”

Michael Boucai “¢ 15 Jan 2012 In an effort to curb sexual assault behind bars, the Los Angeles County Jail currently houses inmates deemed homosexual and transgender in a special unit called “K6G.” Professor Russell Robinson’s Article, Masculinity as Prison: Race, Sexual Identity, and Incarceration, challenges this policy on a number of grounds. I focus […]

Inside Out

Elizabeth F. Emens “¢ 23 Dec 2011 Russell Robinson has done it again. With Masculinity as Prison: Sexual Identity, Race, and Incarceration, he has given us another provocative Article, which illuminates a phenomenon in the world and, indirectly, in ourselves.The Article represents much of what generally makes Robinson’s work so compelling. First, he writes about […]

Standing to Sue in the Myriad Genetics Case

Megan M. La Belle  “¢ 23 Nov 2011 A short time ago, a three-judge panel of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit issued its decision in Ass’n for Molecular Pathology v. USPTO (Myriad Genetics), one of the most important patent cases in recent history. The Myriad case addresses the controversial question […]

Failing Failed States: A Response to John Yoo

James Thuo Gathii  “¢ 03 Oct 2011 In Fixing Failed States, John Yoo shows why intervening states that seek to massively transform the social, economic, and political framework of failed states aim to do too much and ultimately fail. Yoo proposes that the role of intervening states should be minimal-enforcing power-sharing agreements between competing groups within failed […]