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Law, War, and the History of Time

When President George W. Bush told the American people in September 2001 that the nation was at war, he drew upon an iconic American narrative. The onset of war, in American legal and political thought, is more than a cata-lytic moment. It is the opening of an era: a wartime. Wartime is thought to be […]

Turning Offshore Wind On

The drastic growth in electricity produced by wind in the United States indicates that wind power is poised to become a significant component of the United States’ energy portfolio.

A Remedy for Every Right: What Federal Courts Can Learn from California’s Taxpayer Standing

Under current federal taxpayer standing doctrine, the right of citizens to challenge inappropriate government spending is almost entirely unavailable. For example, in the last two years, taxpayers have sought to challenge the record $700 billion in disbursements by the Treasury as a bailout package (or to challenge the use of this bailout money for buying […]