The California Law Review Style Guide

This Guide sets out the publication standards of California Law Review (CLR) and serves as both a tool for editors and a reference for authors.

CLR is committed to publishing diverse scholarship, fostering inclusive discourse around legal issues, and affirming the dignity of marginalized groups, including the sovereignty of indigenous communities. Consistent with this mission, CLR‘s approach to grammar and style rules is flexible, thoughtful, and responsive to societal changes.

In furtherance of the aforementioned objectives, in revising the CLR Style Guide, CLR consulted stakeholders including the Supervising Department, a volunteer committee on diversity and inclusion in legal scholarship, professors, and the membership. Using the Guide, CLR‘s aim is to make legal scholarship accessible for as wide an audience as possible and to honor the people and communities affected by the law. 
The current version of the CLR Style Guide is available here.
The CLR Style Guide Quick Reference for Authors is available here